IVC masterclasses online: an exciting new interactive platform

You are about to discover a hidden treasure trove!

The International Vocal Competition ‘s-Hertogenbosch brings together numerous famous singers during its competitions and masterclasses. Since 2010 many of these masterclasses have been recorded on video and now the IVC has created for singers and vocal enthusiasts an invaluable resource of world-class quality.

Previously all these musical jewels were hiding in the YouTube box making it hard for them to shine brightly. The IVC is now thrilled to bring all these masterclasses together in a new sophisticated interactive platform which makes all the collected wisdom available in an easy and accessible way.

Search & explore

The material has been carefully curated and tagged at the relevant moments. With the new platform you can make selections from across all the available masterclasses, based on the following criteria:

• Name of the coach
• Theme: issue that is addressed at a particular moment in the class
• Name of composer
• Name of the piece that is performed

You can discover for yourself all the different approaches to music and interpretation brought by these world-renowned coaches. Some are mostly centred on purely vocal problems, others try to solve vocal difficulties through a deep understanding of the text.

Still growing

This fountain of knowledge will grow with every masterclass the IVC organises. Be sure to be part of it and learn from the very best.
The IVC thanks Kunstloc (formerly BKKC) for their generous support of this project. Without their help this would not have been possible.